updated 1 Jun 2014, 00:48
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Michelle Chia still keeps in touch with ex-hubby, but is happy to be in another relationship.
Australia paper defies UK media ban, shows picture of Kate's bare bottom
One of Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers published the photo, refusing to follow a "ridiculous" ban imposed by the British media.
Angelica Lee's husband caught kissing young starlet
When contacted by a reporter, Pang reportedly got anxious and asked: "Did we kiss? What photos did you take? We are just normal friends watching a movie."
Jade Seah hits the streets to find out how much ang pow money S'poreans will give
In her latest YouTube video, Jade Seah does the dirty for you and ambushes people on the streets in Singapore to find out how they figure this social situation out.
Oh gee, Gigi Leung's a D?
Hong Kong star Gigi Leung props up chest with 'special make-up' for new movie.
True to her style
She is known to have a formidable reputation but Jeanette Ejlersen says she believes in selling ideas.

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