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Tue, Nov 26, 2013
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Mok: I've always been very bold
by Tan Kee Yun

In town for the Singapore Hit Awards 2013, Hong Kong singer-actress Karen Mok, 43, sat down to talk about her artistic nude pictures, her Hollywood flop Man Of Tai Chi and the possibility of working again with former boyfriend Stephen Chow:

Your recent exhibition in Hong Kong (celebrating two decades in the music industry) set tongues wagging for its bare-all photos. Do you think you will ever be so bold in front of the cameras again?

My (nude) pictures were shot between 2003 to 2005. It was a three-year project with a clear concept.

I wanted my pictures to convey messages. I wasn't just posing nude for the sake of grabbing eyeballs. I've always been very bold. That will not change. But I don't like repeating ideas and treading the same old ground.

There's one shot of you nude and covered in cling wrap. That must have been an arduous process!

It was. Many people helped me with the wrapping and I remember sweating profusely. I was wrapped so tight, I felt I lost a tonne of weight.

Will you do nude scenes in a movie?

I won't rule it out, but I will not do it if it's a pure gimmick. It really depends on the script and if nudity is necessary to move the story forward.

Your first Hollywood film, Man Of Tai Chi (directed by Keanu Reeves), was slammed by critics. Do negative reviews upset you?

Personally, I felt the action scenes were pretty good. The fighting, especially executed by Tiger Chen, was realistic and violent. Of course, I wished my character had more screen time. (Laughs)

Keanu poured his heart into the film. It wasn't easy for him shooting in China.

Your role in comedy God Of Cookery (1996) remains one of your most iconic performances. Any chance of working with Stephen Chow again? Will it be an awkward reunion?

Stephen is a wonderful director. It'll be great if we can do another film in the future. Awkward? Nah, not at all.

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